Sukhdeep Aurora, Chief People Officer – ANAROCK Property Consultants

As the oft-repeated saying goes – change is the only constant. The business environment is a constantly-evolving organism which, in the wake of its rapid progress, has started making new demands on its stakeholders.

Technology has emerged as the biggest change architect driving not only the way working styles have evolved, but also how the workforce needs to innovate.

In such a dynamic culture, it is imperative for any contemporary company to be able to attract the kind of talent that is extremely comfortable with technology. In fact, this comfort must go beyond just being able to use existing tech. The executive of today must have a driving curiosity for gaining new insights and adopting the latest technologies.

The ideal kind of questing mindset is not limited to using technology provided by the company he or she works for – it spills into all areas of life. Meanwhile, management teams must spearhead the adoption of new and innovative technologies to enhance workplace productivity.

What is needed is a symbiotic relationship between tech-enabled and tech-curious employees and management that actively encourages,