Anuj PuriAnuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants

Technology is disrupting different industries across the world, and real estate cannot be far behind.

Already, real estate consultants have moved beyond the traditional ways of prospecting, with the Internet opening up the market in unprecedented ways and taking a lot of the footwork out of finding property options.

As much as 70% of modern real estate consultancies’ prospects are today acquired through digitally-obtained leads.

As big data and analytics become more integrated with the property brokerage industry, such consultancies are now ‘cracking the code’ by in many innovative ways, including:

  • Obtaining and feeding deal and bid information into their company’s central repository at the tap of a few buttons
  • Instantly matching customers’ requirements with the available options
  • Tracking data on projects’ construction progress and regulatory compliances in real time as and sales figures information

If we look at the larger picture of technology use in the real estate business, various new avenues and means of doing business are going to open up. Let us, for example, take crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding in Real Estate

Crowdfunding could emerge as a new way for real estate consultancies to add value both to developers and their customers.