Anuj Puri, Chairman – Anarock Property Consultants

With several property developers in Delhi-NCR and elsewhere developing skyscrapers of 150-250 metres and more, an increasingly pressing question being asked by property buyers is whether they safe.

This is obvious and natural, given the increasing incidence of fires, earthquakes and building collapses that the media throws at us fairly regularly. Let us take a closer look at this.

As opposed to the scenario seen in more developed countries, there are still various problems with implementing strict norms for the structural safety and fire safety for high-rise buildings in India. In fact, as we have seen in a recent case of a residential tower in London, this can present a challenge even in such global cities.

However, considering the rapid pace of urbanization being seen in cities like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, there definitely need to be stricter and enforceable safety norms for skyscrapers. Here are some guidelines.

Earthquake Resistance:

While fire safety is one aspect, earthquake resistance of high-rises is a relatively lesser cause of concern.