On an average, 1/3rd of the overall project cost a real estate developer incurs in Mumbai goes towards various premiums. In one notable case, for a plot of land valued at INR 5 crore in Bandra, the developer had to pay premiums to the tune of approx. INR 6 crore to the BMC.

Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants

Real estate prices in Mumbai – India’s high-flying financial capital – are never out of the news.

From South Mumbai’s spectacularly pricey trophy properties to the chronically unaffordable price tags of what passes for mid-income and affordable housing in the city, there is no getting over, under, around or through the extremely high property prices in Mumbai.

Mumbai’s sky-high real estate rates – what lies beneath?

Before we go into which parts of Mumbai can still reap decent returns on real estate investment, it is important to understand why the city was such an investment hotbed in previous years – and in fact still draws patient, well-capitalized investors.

Of course, the city’s extremely steep capital and rental values were (and continue to be) their primary incentive. There are several reasons for Mumbai’s exorbitant property prices – some are logical and have to be accepted as facts of life here, while others have more to do with unabashed market manipulations.

Supply-related challenges

  • Geographical constraints:

Its unique geographical attributes have been one of the leading factors influencing the astronomic property prices in Mumbai.